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Maritza Franqui

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The work I am currently doing in emergency preparedness primarily involves collecting data regarding the evacuation and repatriation of patients/residents to and from their health care facility. The purpose of collecting this information is to better understand what resources we as a health department need and what we can provide to help these facilities once they have exhausted their resources. The goal of the health department here is not to alleviate any responsibilities the facilities have with regard to responding during an emergency, but to provide aide and ensure safety and well-being of all patients and residents once the health care facilities are no longer able to act on their own.

Aside from collecting information, I am involved in other smaller tasks involving the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC). I have developed a survey to get feedback from the MRC volunteers on how we can make improvements to the program. Once the survey is complete, I will analyze the results and extract key information to produce recommendations for the program. In addition to these projects, I also sit with my supervisor, the director of emergency preparedness, and the MRC coordinator to discuss different topics that need to be addressed with the MRC.

My ultimate goal for the program is to become well acclimated to the world of emergency preparedness. I have really enjoyed working in preparedness and I love that every day I learn something new! Through attending meetings and networking with various individuals, I have gained a better understanding of the dynamics of this track and I know that what I have learned thus far will be incredibly useful to me in the future, especially if I continue down this track. I really enjoy the fact that preparedness focuses on keeping the public safe, which ultimately is the entire idea behind public health. Therefore, I can’t think of a better way to ensure public safety then preparing for the worst!

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