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Jeremy Moore

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I spend a lot of my time working with the CDC-sponsored Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) for our region. The CRI is an effort to prepare major US cities and metropolitan areas to effectively respond to a large scale bioterrorist event by dispensing antibiotics to their entire identified population within 48 hours of the decision to do so. My job duties include leading trainings on the program, recruiting potential partners, assisting agencies in program planning, as well as fostering better community relations and outreach support. I facilitate these events as well as assist personnel in their efforts to complete tasks as designated by regional, state level, and federal goals.

Aside from these duties, I facilitate and participate in other activities such as community outreach at parish health units, meetings with the regional or state offices to discuss full-scale exercise plans, training workshops for new partners in developing their occupational PODs (Points of Dispensing or prophylactic materials), or planning sessions with the parish Offices of Emergency Planning for flu and hurricane season.

I feel that my experiences with the PHAP program will enable me to build upon a key skill set that will aid in my public health-oriented goals. The exposure to so many different aspects of public health as well as diverse groups of people will further enhance my ability to grow personally and professionally, and connect to the world as a global citizen with a social conscience.

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