Experience PHAP

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“PHAP has had a huge impact on my life. It exposed me to an array of experiences in public health, which I strongly believe is unique. This allowed me to refine my interests and clarify my career goals while gaining solid experience in implementing public health programs. I am so grateful to PHAP, and I would highly recommend the program to any students interested in public health.”
– Quote from a 2015 survey of PHAP associates

Being part of PHAP and the CDC family brings with it a wealth of experiences—many of which can’t readily be gained elsewhere in public health. Each associate has a unique story to tell about his or her time in PHAP.

How One Public Health Associate Expanded a Host Site’s Reach—All the Way to the Arctic Circle
Brittany Anderson Ice Fishing

More than a thousand associates have gone through CDC’s Public Health Associate Program (PHAP) training to become leaders of the public health workforce of tomorrow, but, so far, only one associate has ever served 33 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Kotzebue, a town on Alaska’s northwestern coast!

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