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The 2021 application period for PHAP host sites is now closed. The 2022 application cycle will open in late 2021.

Every October, PHAP associates are hired into public health jobs across the country, where they gain hands-on experience in the day-to-day operations of public health programs, while increasing the capacity of their host site agencies. Here are some of the things host sites are saying about the work their associates do for them—

“Rachel Ashby’s work continues to be invaluable to our progress towards mass shelter planning (seemingly even more relevant with the current natural disaster events in the US). The local chapter of the American Red Cross, whose leadership has been deployed for weeks, is extremely grateful for Rachel’s leadership and commitment to completing this daunting assignment.”
— Michael Romero, Placer County Health and Human Services Department, California

“Ilana Blum has contributed greatly to both the gathering of information for the teen dating violence youth focus groups and the outreach to youth in terms of getting information out. She worked well with the students at Mora High School and was flexible when the organizer substituted 4th graders instead of seniors! She has learned many realities when working with outside agencies. Ilana is a valuable member of this team. We’re so grateful!”
— Patty Wetterling, Minnesota Department of Health, Minnesota

“Miki Duruz has been a major asset to our team in this last year. She has helped get the social networking program off the ground, working with the supervisor of the counseling and testing program. She also helped to start the process of working with providers to give them more information on how to report HIV-positive clients to the county health department and making them more aware of the HIV Partner Services Program with a provider packet that she designed and put together.”
— Marge Samson, Maricopa County Department of Public Health, Arizona

“Josh Hollabaugh’s work continues to be invaluable to Marion County Health Department. In particular, we have appreciated the data analysis he has provided to us and the work he has done to help others in Marion County Health Department know how to analyze data from Survey Monkey. The guidelines he has developed will benefit us greatly over the next few years. I also appreciate his efforts to try to engage schools in the immunization poster contest.”
— Judy Cleave, Marion County Health Department, Oregon

Page last reviewed: January 22, 2020