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Pertussis Vaccination

The best way to prevent pertussis (whooping cough) is to get the vaccine. There are vaccines for babies, children, preteens, teens, and adults. DTaP is the childhood vaccine, and Tdap is the pertussis booster vaccine for preteens, teens, and adults. Talk to your healthcare professional about getting the vaccine against pertussis and read more about pertussis prevention.

For Those Getting Vaccinated

  • Pertussis Vaccine Basics
    Offers comprehensive offers information about pertussis vaccines and other educational tools.
  • Pregnancy and Whooping Cough

    pregnant woman.

    Learn more about whooping cough vaccination during pregnancy…


  • Pregnancy and Whooping Cough
    Information about getting Tdap while pregnant and other ways to protect babies from whooping cough.
  • Td or Tdap Vaccine “What You Need to Know”
    These one-page CDC vaccine information statements explain who should get Td or Tdap vaccine and when.
  • DTaP Vaccine “What You Need to Know”
    This one-page CDC vaccine information statement explains who should get DTaP vaccine and when.
  • Vaccine Safety
  • Who Should Not Get DTaP or Tdap Vaccines?

Clinical Information for Healthcare Professionals

Pertussis references and resources, provider education tools, and materials for patients

Vaccination Coverage

The National Immunization Survey (NIS) is a large, on-going survey of immunization coverage among U.S. pre-school children (19 through 35 months of age). In conjunction with the NIS, CDC also conducts the NIS-Teen (13 through 17 years of age) and the NIS-Adult.

School Mandates

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