For Preteens and Teens

These materials focus on whooping cough (pertussis) awareness and how to protect preteens and teens from whooping cough.


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Whooping Cough Vaccine Recommendation for Preteens

Whooping Cough Vaccine Recommendation for Preteens (3:12 minutes, Date Released: 1/22/2015)
This podcast provides information about whooping cough and the recommendation that all preteens receive the Tdap vaccine when they are 11 or 12 to help protect them from this serious disease.

This podcast is also available in Spanish.

Fact Sheet

Pertussis Fact Sheet for Parents: The Basics

Tdap Vaccine for Preteens and Teens: Information for Parents pdf icon[1 page]
This 8-1/2″ x 11″ fact sheet answers general questions about the booster shot that protects preteens and teens.

It is also available in Spanish pdf icon[1 page].