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For Everyone

These materials focus on whooping cough (pertussis) awareness and prevention in general or across the lifespan. Materials about specific vaccine recommendations are available for

Fact Sheet

Whooping Cough: Questions and Answers

Whooping Cough: Questions and Answers [4 pages]
This 8-1/2″ x 11″ fact sheet provides information from the Immunization Action Coalition about whooping cough and vaccines to prevent it.


Pertussis flyer

Whooping Cough Is Spreading in Your Community [1 page] Updated Sep 2013
This 8-1/2″ x 11″flyer highlights seriousness of whooping cough and summarizes vaccine recommendations for the entire family.

This flyer is also available in Spanish [1 page]


People of All Ages Need Whooping Cough Vaccines
This graphic highlights CDC’s whooping cough vaccination recommendations for young children, preteens, pregnant women, and adults.

Matte Releases (or Formatted Articles)

Mother and father with son and daughter.

Whooping Cough Cases Are on the Rise — Be Protected [1 page] Updated 9/2014
Whooping cough is making a comeback in the United States. Protect yourself and your family — get vaccinated.

This article is also available in Spanish [1 page]

Text in newspaper

Newsletter and Bulletin Sample Stories about Whooping Cough [3 pages] Updated 1/10/2014
Whether whooping cough is on the rise in your community or not, you can help protect infants by encouraging vaccination. Choose from four sample inserts for your local newsletter or bulletin.

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Personal Story

Whooping Cough: Unprotected Story
Parents tell true story of how whooping cough sickened their child and impacted their family.


Recognizing and Preventing Whooping Cough (Pertussis) (3:15 minutes, Date Released: 1/22/2015)
This podcast provides information about the symptoms of whooping cough and how vaccines can help prevent this serious disease for people of all ages. It is especially important for those who will have close contact with a baby to be up to date with their whooping cough vaccine.

This podcast is also available in Spanish.


Pertussis Outbreak Posters

Whooping Cough – Vaccinate to Protect [1 page]
This 17″ x 11″ poster summarizes whooping cough vaccine recommendations.

This poster is also available in Spanish [1 page].


Pertussis Sounds

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