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LAPP Surveillance and Epidemiology Materials

This page provides materials on general epidemiology and pertussis surveillance, vaccination, specimen collection, and diagnostics as a resource for epidemiologists, surveillance coordinators, immunization providers, and laboratorians. CDC-Latin American Pertussis Project gives a brief description of each material, with the language indicated in parentheses.

Training Materials on General Epidemiology

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Online Resources

Other Epidemiology Resources

  • FOCUS on Field Epidemiology (in English) and Enfoque en Epidemiologia de Campo (in Spanish)
    This periodical by the University of North Carolina Center for Public Health Preparedness covers various field epidemiology topics relevant for surveillance and epidemiology personnel.
  • Diccionario de Términos Epidemiológicos (in Spanish and English)
    This 1994 publication created by staff at the Mexican Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública provides epidemiologic terms translated into Spanish and Portuguese.

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Pertussis Surveillance and Vaccine Guidance Documents

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Surveillance Case Investigation Form Examples

Pertussis case investigations should include collection of epidemiologic information through the use of a case report form.

Examples of United States Case Report Forms

Examples of Case Report Forms Used in Latin America

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Pertussis Materials

For Healthcare Professionals

  • Pertussis Information for Healthcare Personnel (in English)
    This link includes materials for healthcare professionals on pertussis awareness and diagnosis, vaccination, postexposure prophylaxis recommendations, and how to collect laboratory specimens.

For General Public

  • Pertussis materials for consumers (in English and Spanish)
    Free materials on pertussis, including resources to promote vaccination for pregnant women, infants and children, preteens and teens, and adults.

For Laboratory Personnel

  • Diagnostic Testing (in English)
    This webpage includes information on specimen collection and diagnosis confirmation.
  • Specimen collection videos
    These videos on the proper collection techniques for pertussis clinical specimens are available on YouTube.
    • Collecting a Nasopharyngeal Swab Clinical Specimen (in English and Spanish)
    • Collecting a Nasopharyngeal Aspirate Clinical Specimen (in English and Spanish)
  • Optimal Timing for Diagnostics Testing (in English and Spanish)
    This diagram illustrates the best diagnostic test to use depending on the phase of the disease of the patient.

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