What is an Econ-Aid?

An Econ-Aid (Economics Assistance) allows short term assignments for PE fellows—CDC’s data detectives—to provide analytic support in response to an urgent public health need. Econ-Aids are typically three weeks long.

How is an Econ-Aid requested?

To request an Econ-Aid, contact Dr. Adam G. Skelton, CDC Steven M. Teutsch Prevention Effectiveness (PE) Fellowship Lead by email,, or by phone, 404-498-6786.

Who can request an Econ-Aid?

The following agencies may request an Econ-Aid:

  • CDC/ATSDR and other federal agencies
  • State and local health authorities
  • Non-governmental public health entities

Why request an Econ-Aid?

Econ-Aids can help address urgent public health problems that require assessing the impact of public health policies, programs, and practices on health outcomes by evaluating their effectiveness, quality, and cost. Organizations requesting an Econ-Aid are able to build economics capacity through streamlined access to CDC staff with subject matter expertise.

What are examples of an Econ-Aid Activities?

In 2012, New Jersey Department of Health requested an Econ-Aid (along with an Epi-Aid) to conduct a cost-effectiveness analysis of the first three months of state-mandated newborn screening using pulse oximetry for the early identification of Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD). The analysis found that this intervention was cost effective, averaging around $14 per newborn. This is impactful because screening can help identify some babies with a critical CCHD before they go home from the birth hospital. This allows these babies to be treated early and may prevent disability or death early in life.

Some other examples of Econ-Aid activities include:

  • Performing cost analyses of public health responses, community mitigation guidelines, interventions, treatments, etc.
  • Determining the cost-benefit, cost-effectiveness, comparative effectiveness, or cost-utility of a public health intervention or program
  • Performing economic or policy modeling, such as sensitivity analysis, decision and probabilistic modeling, or simulation models

Are requesting organizations required to fund Econ-Aids?

Organizations requesting an Econ-Aid must pay all transportation, lodging, and per diem costs for the fellow. The PE fellow’s host office will pay all salary and benefits costs during the Econ-Aid assignment. Deployment of a PE fellow for an Econ-Aid is at the discretion of the CDC host office.

What is the role of the requesting organization during an Econ-Aid?

The requesting organization leads the Econ-Aid, unless it prefers other arrangements. The requesting organization:

  • Collaborates with the PE Fellowship program staff on the Econ-Aid request
  • Provides a clear definition of the problem that requires Econ-Aid assistance
  • Provides access to local resources and stakeholders
  • Provides a workspace, meeting space, incidental use of telephones and fax machines, and office supplies

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Page last reviewed: September 17, 2020