Non-Monetary Partnerships

Most of CDC’s public-private partnerships are unfunded or non-monetary partnerships.

Across the agency, CDC is partnering with the private sector in practical and innovative ways. CDC works with partners to amplify our messages, solve problems through new technology, and raise awareness about our work. For the private sector, partnering with CDC allows them to share perspectives on health issues, collaborate on innovative products, and access resources, guidelines, and information.

Below are a few examples of how CDC partners with the private sector.

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Forming an alliance with the private sector around a public health topic

Interest Groups
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Collaborating with organizations who are focused on an issue or represent a specific population

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Sharing CDC guidance on health issues with the intention that the private sector will amplify these messages to the broader public

Thought Leadership
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Exchanging expertise about a public health topic

Research & Development
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Advancing public health through investigation and innovation

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Page last reviewed: November 14, 2019