Parenting Videos

Here you’ll find videos of the positive parenting skills. For each topic, there are two types of videos:

Feature Video of Real-life Parenting Challenges

Feature Video of Real-life Parenting Challenges
Have you ever been frustrated that your child doesn’t listen or struggled with how to handle specific behaviors?  See how parents like you address everyday challenges and find real-world solutions.

How-To Video of Expert Tips and Ideas

“How-To” Video of Expert Tips and Ideas
Do you want to know the steps for time-out or how to set family rules? These videos have specific “how-to’s” for positive parenting. Experts provide tips and ideas that are direct and to-the-point.

Communicating with Your Child

Play Time: Communicating with Your Child
A father lets stress from work interfere with his play time with his daughter. Watch as he learns how to get his daughter interested in play time again.

Learn about Communicating with Your Child
Discover ways to use positive communication, such as praise, imitation, description, and active listening, to interact with your child. Also available in Spanish

Creating Structure and Rules

“Charts & Graphs” Creating Structure and Rules
An expert at timelines and presentations, one mother decides to create structure for her 2-year old son, but finds it surprisingly difficult not to make it overly complicated.

Learn about Creating Structure and Rules
Discover how family routines make structure and how you can set up that structure to help your child get through the day. Also available in Spanish

Giving Directions

You Know What I Mean? Giving Directions
A mother finds that her son, though well-intentioned, does not ever seem to follow her directions. What she discovers, however, is that her own approach to giving directions may have more to do with it than she realizes.

Learn About Giving Directions
Find out the steps to giving good directions and how to handle times when your child does not follow your directions. Also available in Spanish

Using Discipline and Consequences

Sippy Cup: Using Discipline and Consequences
It’s all fun and games until the sippy cup hits the floor…for the hundredth time. Join a mother in search of ways to deal constructively with her daughter’s misbehavior.

Learn About Using Discipline and Consequences
Learn about constructive, effective ways to use consequences and discipline to improve your child’s behavior. Also available in Spanish

Using Time-out

She Knows: Using Time-Out
Time-out never seems to be effective for one mother, until she learns that her daughter is sneaking out during time-out. Journey with her as she sets out to effectively use time-out.

Learn About Using Time-Out
See how time-out works and what steps you need to follow in order for it to be effective for your child. Also available in Spanish

Overview of Essentials

Essentials for Parenting Toddlers and Preschoolers
Essentials for Parenting Toddlers and Preschoolers gives you ways to interact positively with your child. Learn how to handle common parenting challenges with positive parenting skills.