Practice Parenting Skills

Practice is helpful for learning new skills, especially new parenting techniques.  Click on the links below to get started.

Communicating with Your Child: What Would You Say?
Mom communicating with her child

A positive parent-child relationship begins early in life. Watch this clip and look for times when the parents could have used better communication with their children.
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Creating Structure & Rules: Can We Make It Simple?
Clipboard with checkmarks

Creating structure in the home does not have to be hard. Click here for a step-by-step guide to making charts for family routines, rules, rewards, and chores.
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Giving Directions: What Would You Do?
Mom giving directions to her son.

Sometimes parents feel like they are talking to a wall when giving their child directions. Take this quiz and test your skills at giving directions. You’ll get some helpful tips about how to improve.
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Using Discipline and Consequences: What Would You Do?
Mom using consequences with her daughter.

Responding to your child’s behavior problems can be tough at times. Watch this video to see some common problem behaviors and how the parents handled them.
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Using Time-Out: What Would You Do?
Drawing of a chair

Kids can be creative in figuring out ways to avoid time-out. It’s easy to get frustrated when you’re not sure what to do about it. Take this quiz to help you learn how to handle some common time-out challenges.
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Using Time-Out: What is Wrong with this Time-Out Space?
Chair in a corner for time-out

Are you interested in using time-out but not sure how to choose or set up a good space for it? This interactive photo will guide you in setting up your time-out space.
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Page last reviewed: November 5, 2019