"Using Time-Out: What Would You Do?" Activity Scenario 4


You send your child to time-out for hitting you, but she refuses to go and whines and resists.


Letter A

You drag her by her arms to the time-out spot.

Dragging or pulling her to time-out teaches your child aggression is the right response to being hit. This option could also hurt you or your child. Try a different choice.

Letter B

You don’t give the time-out because it's impossible to deal with her when she gets like this!

If you don’t follow through with a time-out, your child learns hitting you is okay. You may need to first cool down and think about how to respond before following through with a time-out. Try a different choice.

Letter C

You gently, but physically, take her to the time-out chair.

Good choice! If she resists more, you can also carry her to time-out with her face turned away from you, holding her under the arms and around the chest. The “barrel carry” is an efficient and safe way to get your child to the time-out spot.

Page last reviewed: November 5, 2019