"Using Time-Out: What Would You Do?" Activity Scenario 3


You have sent your child to time-out, but she is having fun playing with toys in the time-out chair and singing songs.


Letter A

You take her out of time-out. There's no point in keeping her there if she's just having fun!

If you take her out of time-out, she learns playing gets your attention and makes time-out end early. Try a different choice.

Letter B

You calmly take the toy away and start the time over. You keep a closer eye on her to make sure she doesn’t try to get another toy.

Good idea. Make sure you don’t look at or talk to her. You could also try standing nearby to make sure she stays where you put her.

Letter C

You decide you need to distract her to keep her from getting other toys so you start singing along with her.

Although you are keeping her from getting out of the chair, she is getting your attention. Try a different choice.

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