"Using Time-Out: What Would You Do?" Activity Scenario 1


You send your child to time-out for hitting her sister. She keeps getting up and comes back with a toy.


Letter A

You raise your voice and yell at her to stop getting up and to put down the toy.

Staying calm can be hard. When you yell, you teach your child yelling is how to solve a problem. Try a different choice.

Letter B

After taking her back to her chair a couple of times and taking away her toy, you just give up. You can’t make her take a time-out if she won’t stay in the chair.

If you give up, you may teach her she can get out of time-out if she makes it difficult for you. Try a different choice.

Letter C

You take away her toy. Calmly tell her she will lose a privilege like watching TV or going to the playground if she gets up again.

This is a good choice! Make sure you follow through with taking away the privilege if she doesn’t stay in time-out.

Page last reviewed: November 5, 2019