Malaria Information for Specific Groups

Every year, millions of US residents travel to countries where malaria is present. About 1,700 cases of malaria are diagnosed in the United States annually, mostly in returned travelers. Travelers sub-Saharan Africa have the greatest risk of both getting malaria and dying from their infection. However, all travelers to countries where malaria is present may be at risk for infection.

Healthcare providers should always obtain a travel history from febrile patients. Fever in a person who has recently traveled in a malaria-endemic area should always be immediately evaluated using the appropriate diagnostic tests for malaria.

CDC’s Division of Parasitic Diseases and Malaria (DPDM) has created a tool that helps strengthen the diagnosis of parasitic diseases, both in the United States and abroad. DPDx serves as a diagnostic assistance function that laboratory and other health professionals can ask questions and/or send digital images of specimens for expedited review and consultation with the DPDx staff.

Page last reviewed: February 21, 2018