CDC Bottle Bioassay

CDC bottle bioassay determines if particular active ingredients are able to kill an insect vector, such as a mosquito, at a specific location at a given time. It can detect resistance to insecticides in mosquitoes and other insects. The technique is simple, rapid, and economical, compared with alternatives. The results can help guide the choice of insecticide used for spraying.

Bottle bioassay kits and insecticide active ingredients are available for international programs or for programs in the continental United States and its territories.

  • International programs: If your institution or program would like to order a bottle bioassay kit, which contains bottles, insecticide active ingredients, manuals, and instructional video, please contact CDC at To order only insecticide active ingredients, please send your request to These are offered free of charge.
  • Programs in the continental United States and its territories: You can order free Insecticide Resistance Kits by sending an email to and requesting an order form. Kits include bottles, insecticide, and manual.

For international programs, a practical laboratory manual describing how to perform and interpret the CDC bottle bioassay is available.

Below is a companion instructional video.

Download this video [mp4]