Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne

2004 | August 13 – September 25, 2004

During August 13, 2004 – September 25, 2004, Florida experienced four major hurricanes: Charley and Frances (both Category 4) and Ivan and Jeanne (both Category 3).

An estimated 20% of homes throughout Florida were damaged by these hurricanes, and 124 persons died. In October 2004, the Florida Department of Health surveyed residents to assess the impact of the hurricanes.

The survey results indicated that 48.7% of Florida residents had no evacuation plan before any of the hurricanes.

palm trees bending to the wind in a tropical storm or hurricane

Portable generators were used in 17.5% of homes after electric power outages, and residents of counties not in the direct paths of the four hurricanes had consequences like those who lived in the direct paths of the hurricanes (e.g., physical injuries, barriers to medical treatment, and loss of workdays).