Space, Staff, and Stuff: Identifying your Community’s Resources

Space, Staff, Stuff Identifying Your Community Resources

Space, Staff, Stuff: Identifying Your Community’s Resources is a customizable tool for community planners. This tool helps planners identify their community organizations’ roles, responsibilities, and resources and determine potential gaps in their all-hazards planning efforts. It is designed to benefit any community regardless of demographics, infrastructure, current levels of planning, or availability of public health and health care resources.

Space, Staff, and Stuff addresses the following public health preparedness capabilities:

  • Capability 1: Community Preparedness
  • Capability 6: Information Sharing
  • Capability 8: Medical Countermeasure Dispensing and Administration
  • Capability 10: Medical Surge
  • Capability 15: Volunteer Management

What can communities gain from using this tool?

As a result of using the activities in this tool, communities can update their community resource lists on a regular basis using an all-hazards approach. Communities will be able to identify resources that they would use in nonemergency situations, such as additional event space for meetings and conferences and transportation support for home-bound individuals.

Get Started!

Download the User Guide

Print Version

The print version has three components that can be used together or separately:

Electronic Version

The electronic version consists of two components:

The Electronic Resource Workbook contains 10 individual spreadsheets: one for identifying roles and responsibilities, eight for identifying resources, and one for customizing resource drop-down choices. (More information about this last spreadsheet can be found in the Electronic Resource Workbook Instructions for Organizations.)


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