Infographic: Be Ready! Tornadoes

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be ready tornadoes infographic

Be Ready! Tornadoes

  • Look up! If you see any of these danger signs, take shelter immediately:
    • a dark or green colored sky
    • large, dark, low-lying cloud
    • large hail
    • loud roar similar to a freight train
  • Get out! Don’t stay in a mobile home during a tornado. Find a sturdy building, or seek shelter outside.
  • Watch out! Most fatalities and injuries are caused by flying debris.
  • Tornado watch: Tornadoes are possible. Be alert to changing conditions.
    Tornado warning: A tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar. Take shelter immediately.
  • Stay tuned! Listen to local radio and TV stations for weather updates. Take shelter if a tornado warning is issued.
  • Be cautious! Do not try to outrun a tornado. Find a sturdy building to take shelter or stop your car, put your head below the windows, and cover your head.
  • Take shelter! The safest place is the interior part of a basement or an inside room, without windows, on the lowest floor.