Infographic: Beat the Heat

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beat the heat infographic


Beat the Heat: Extreme Heat

Heat related deaths are preventable
  • WHAT:
    • Extreme heat or heat waves occur when the temperature reaches extremely high levels or when the combination of heat and humidity causes the air to become oppressive.
  • WHO:
    • Children
    • Older adults
    • Outside workers
    • People with disabilities
    • More males than females are affected
  • WHERE:
    • Houses with little to no AC
    • Construction worksites
    • Cars
    • Stay hydrated with water, avoid sugary beverages
    • Stay cool in an air conditioned area
    • Wear light-weight, light colored, loose fitting clothes
During extreme heat the temperature in your car could be deadly.
  • Outside Temperature 80°
    • Inside: 109°
      • Time Elapsed: 20 minutes
    • Inside: 118°
      • Time Elapsed: 40 minutes
    • Inside: 123°
      • Time Elapsed: 60 minutes
HEAT ALERTS: Know the difference.
  • HEAT OUTLOOK (Minor): Excessive heat event in 3 to 7 days
  • HEAT WATCHES: Excessive heat event in 12 to 48 hours
  • HEAT WARNING/ADVISORY (Major): Excessive heat event in next 36 hours
  • Those living in urban areas may be at a greater risk from the effects of a prolonged heat wave than those living in rural areas.
  • Most heat-related illnesses occur because of overexposure to heat or over-exercising.
  • Sunburn can significantly slow the skin’s ability to release excess heat.
  • 658 people died in the US as a result of extreme heat in 2011.
  • $30 BILLION estimated total cost of the 2012 US drought and heatwave.

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