Republic of the Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands
At a Glance
  • Population: 42,050
  • Local Health Departments: N/A
  • Frequent Public Health Emergencies: Infectious Disease Outbreaks, Drought, High Waves
  • Key Emergency Operations Center Activations:
    2020 – COVID-19 Pandemic
  • CDC PHEP Funding:
    FY 2022: $418,761
    FY 2021: $426,964
    FY 2020: $409,243
  • Public Health Crisis Response Funding:
    COVID-19 2021 Funding: $496,179
    COVID-19 2020 Funding: $1,103,263
PHEP-Funded Staff (rounded):
  • Epidemiologists: 1
  • Other: 4*

*Includes IT specialists, administrative staff, statisticians, and other positions

CDC Preparedness Field Staff

1 Career Epidemiology Field Officer

Top 5 Preparedness Investments
  1. Community Preparedness
  2. Information Sharing
  3. Emergency Operations Coordination
  4. Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions
  5. Medical Materiel Management & Distribution
Stories from the Field
Protecting Residents and Visitors from Zika Virus

In January 2016, the Republic of Marshall Islands’ Ministry of Health identified its first suspected Zika case, with more cases identified in the region later that year. The Ministry of Health distributed PHEP-funded Zika Prevention Kits to pregnant women as well as educational pamphlets on Zika prevention to incoming travelers. It also instituted a health education campaign that included posters, flyers, radio and television ads, and text messages. Health officials visited people with suspected Zika, maintained an updated pregnancy registry that included Zika testing results, and helped support mosquito control activities.

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