Los Angeles County

Downtown Los Angeles, California
At a Glance
  • Population: 9,829,544
  • Local Health Departments: 3
  • Frequent Public Health Emergencies: Environmental Contamination, Extreme Weather (heat, rain, wind), Disease Outbreaks
  • Key Emergency Operations Center Activations:
    2020 – COVID-19 Pandemic
  • CDC PHEP Funding:
    FY 2022: $20,923,151
    FY 2021: $20,733,030
    FY 2020: $19,648,468
  • Public Health Crisis Response Funding:
    Mpox 2023 Funding: $2,056,163
    Mpox 2022 Funding: $ 1,031,213
    COVID-19 2021 Funding: $59,714,865
    COVID-19 2020 Funding: $26,367,806
PHEP-funded staff (rounded)
  • Epidemiologists: 6
  • Laboratorians: 9
  • Nurses: 15
  • Planners: 27
  • Other: 43*

*Includes IT specialists, administrative staff, statisticians, and other positions

CDC Preparedness Field Staff

1 Career Epidemiology Field Officer

Top 5 Preparedness Investments
  1. Community Preparedness
  2. Public Health Surveillance and Epidemiological Investigation
  3. Public Health Laboratory Testing
  4. Information Sharing
  5. Medical Countermeasure Dispensing
Stories from the Field
Los Angeles Methane Gas Leak
Protecting Residents from Methane Gas Leak

Over the course of four months in 2015 and 2016, 100,000 metric tons of methane gas leaked into the air from an underground storage facility near Los Angeles. Health department leadership directed the gas company to stop the leak and evacuate and pay for temporary relocation costs for more than 8,000 residents in the immediate vicinity. CDC-funded staff participated in a CASPER (Community Assessment for Public Health Emergency Response), and supported an indoor air quality study, soil testing, and air monitoring to assess chemicals and reported health problems.

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