Public Health Preparedness and Response Research

Research is critical for CDC and its partners to effectively prepare for, and respond to, public health emergencies and disasters.

Broad Agency Announcement: Applied Research

In March 2016, OPHPR put out a call for innovative research on six priority topics. These themes were generated and prioritized by state and local preparedness officials and CDC subject matter experts.

  1. Information Management & Risk Communication
  2. Surge Management
  3. Biosurveillance
  4. Countermeasures & Mitigation
  5. Incident Management
  6. Community/Systems Resilience & Cross Cutting Issues

Over 100 concept papers were received and OPHPR selected 15 proposals to undergo further review and evaluation. A technical panel of experts from the Science Office, the Division of Emergency Operations and the Division of State and Local Readiness awarded over $8 million to seven organizations that proposed research addressing three of the six themes.

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