State Oral Health Plans

CDC, in an effort to facilitate the development of Oral Health Plans for each state, has identified those states that currently have State Oral Health Plans or other resources.  It is hoped that sharing this information will assist other states with their plan development process. See chart below.

In the absence of a completed oral health plan, some states have requested that another plan, such as their Healthy People 2020 State Objectives, Healthy People 2020 Plan, or the State Department of Public Health Plan be posted. There are no published recommendations for state oral health plans, and the existing state plans are presented without endorsement or recommendation.

Tools to assist states to develop a state oral health plan are available at Basic Strategies for Collective Impact: Plans for State Oral Health Programs and Activities

To update the information for your state, contact us at

State Oral Health Information and Links
State Latest Available Plan Other Resources
AlabamaExternal Plan in progress Alabama Oral Health Coalition
AlaskaExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF–551KB]External Alaska State Oral Health Surveillance System Cdc-pdf[PDF-433KB]External

Alaska Oral Health Assessment Summary Report 2004-2005 Cdc-pdf[PDF-82KB]External

ArizonaExternal Plan in progress Arizona Public Health AssociationExternal
ArkansasExternal No plan identified
CaliforniaExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF-1.1 MB]External
ColoradoExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF–23.2MB]ExternalOral Health Plan Web siteExternal Oral Health ColoradoExternalColorado Oral Health Surveillance System Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF-633KB]External
ConnecticutExternal No plan identified
DelawareExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF-65KB]External Delaware Oral Health CoalitionExternal
FloridaExternal No plan identified Oral Health FloridaExternal
GeorgiaExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF-4.2MB]External Georgia Oral Health CoalitionExternal
HawaiiExternal No plan identified
IdahoExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF–645K]External Idaho Oral Health AllianceExternal
IllinoisExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF–1MB]External IFLOSS CoalitionExternal
IndianaExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF – 402 KB]External Indiana Oral Health CoalitionExternal
IowaExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF – 1.86MB]External
KansasExternal No plan identified Oral Health KansasExternal
Kentucky No plan identified Kentucky Oral Health CoalitionExternal
Louisiana Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF – 177 KB]External
MaineExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF-486KB]External
MarylandExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF – 232 KB]External Maryland Dental Action CoalitionExternal
MassachusettsExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF-3.3MB]External Better Oral Health Massachusetts CoalitionExternal
MichiganExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF–10.5MB]External Michigan Oral Health CoalitionExternal
MinnesotaExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF–2.1MB]External
MississippiExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF – 2.6 MB]External
MissouriExternal No plan identified
MontanaExternal No plan identified
NebraskaExternal 2016 Nebraska State Oral Health Assessment Report Cdc-pdf[PDF – 3.8MB]External Nebraska Dental AssociationExternal
NevadaExternal No plan identified Southern Nevada Dental SocietyExternal

Fluoridation Plan 2011 Cdc-pdf[PDF-1.1MB]External

New HampshireExternal New Hampshire Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF-914 KB]External
New JerseyExternal No plan identified New Jersey Oral Health Coalition
New MexicoExternal No plan identified New Mexico Oral Health Coalition
New YorkExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF-8.4MB]External New York State Oral Health CoalitionExternal
North CarolinaExternal Oral Health Strategic Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF – 3.23 MB]External NC Oral Health CollaborativeExternal
North Dakota Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF-2.2 MB]External North Dakota Oral Health CoalitionExternal
OhioExternal No plan identified Ohio Oral Health Surveillance Plan 2014-2018 [PDF – 1.2MB]External
OklahomaExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF–1.5MB]External Oklahoma Oral Health CoalitionExternal
OregonExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF-13.1MB]External Oregon Oral Health CoalitionExternal
PennsylvaniaExternal No plan identified PA Coalition for Oral HealthExternal
Rhode IslandExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF–1.9MB]External Rhode Island Oral Health CommissionExternal
South CarolinaExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF-1.3MB]External Surveillance Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF-159KB]External
South DakotaExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF-1.3MB]External
Tennessee Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF – 1.8 MB]External Middle Tennessee Oral Health CoalitionExternal
TexasExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF – 1.6 MB]External Texas Oral Health CoalitionExternal
UtahExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF-22.5KB]External Utah Oral Health CoalitionExternal
VermontExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF – 1.96MB]External Vermont Oral Health CoalitionExternal
VirginiaExternal Oral Health PlanExternal Virginia Oral Health CoalitionExternal
WashingtonExternal No plan identified Washington State Oral Health CoalitionExternal
Washington, DCExternal Plan in progress DC Pediatric Oral Health CoalitionExternal
West VirginiaExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF–1.4MB]External
WisconsinExternal Oral Health Plan Cdc-pdf[PDF-1.1MB]External Children’s Health Alliance of WisconsinExternal
Wyoming No Plan Identified

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