SEALS Taskbars and Program-Level Management

SEALS tasks are accessed via taskbars with left side navigation. There are two top-level headings – Program Administration and Program Data. Under Program Administration, there are two tasks types – Program-Level Management and Event-Level Management.

Click on the plus sign to the right of these tasks to open additional taskbars. Taskbars under Program-Level Management allow you to:

Add Programs (SSPs) and Add Users: Input information for each local program and create user accounts for local programs and state users. After adding a local program, a state user must create an account for at least one local user who can then access the SEALS application and create user accounts for other local staff

Add Schools: View list of schools served for each program in your state. (Note: State users cannot add schools.)

Program Options and Cost Options: View information on characteristics, delivery logistics, and costs input by each local program in your state.

As a state user, the taskbar under Event-Level Management (“Add Event”) allows you to view information on all school events for each program in your state.

State users cannot currently access the Export Data task under Program Data. However, state users can request an Excel file with complete program data for their state by contacting the SEALS CDC Administrator at

Program-Level Management: Adding Programs and Users

Add Programs (inputting local school sealant programs)
The Add Programs taskbar allows your state to add local school sealant programs. Clicking on this taskbar, you will see:

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First, select the appropriate school year and then indicate the number of high-need schools in your state (see Appendix, Section 3, page 9). Remember to click ‘Save’ after inputting the number of high-need schools. Local programs in your state will not be able to input school sealant event data, export data or generate reports unless this field has been completed.

Under SEALS Programs, state users can see active programs (i.e., providing data to the state) for the selected school year, as well as the number of local users with access to each sealant program account.

To add a local program (create an account), click on Add Program directly below Seals Programs, enter the name of the school sealant program and click on Add Program to save your entry.

Deactivating a Program
State users can deactivate a program for a given year by going to Add Program and clicking on Edit. A dialogue box will appear with the name of the program and its status. The active status for a program can be changed by clicking on the box next to ‘Active’ to deactivate for a given year. State users can also change the program name by using this feature.
Note: Programs cannot be deleted for a given year; they can only be deactivated.

Add Users (inputting program staff)
As a state user, the Add Users taskbar allows you to add local program staff and state administrative users. Clicking on this taskbar, you will see:

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To add program staff:

  1. Click on Add New User.
  2. First, under User Type, select Program User (local school sealant program) or State Admin User. Then, add that user’s first and last name and email address. Program users must be assigned to a program name using the Program drop down box. If state user is selected, click on your state name in the State drop down box.
  3. Click on Add User.


NOTE: SEALS then sends an email to new users with instructions for setting their password.


The remaining tasks–Add Schools; Program Options; Cost Options; and Event Level Management–can only be viewed, not edited by state users. For more information on these tasks, refer to the SEALS User Manual.