Video Series: Quality Improvement & Care Coordination When Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain

CDC asked health care professionals about strategies used to implement quality improvement (QI) measures in their organizations.  The following short videos may be useful to start discussions regarding quality improvement in your organization.

Which QI measures are you using and why?
Overview of organizational experiences implementing recommended QI measures (2:28)

What improvements have you seen?
Discusses improvements to organizations and patient care as a result of implementing QI measures (4:24)

Advice Related to Implementation
Provides advice to organizations considering implementing QI measures (3:18)

What strategies have you implemented?
Highlights strategies for implementing QI measures in your organization (2:53)

How are you tracking and monitoring progress?
Advice for tracking and monitoring progress with your organization (2:50)

How are patients and providers responding to your strategies?
Highlights patient and provider responses to QI strategies (4:07)

How are you working across disciplines to coordinate care?
Highlights using an interdisciplinary approach to care coordination (3:36)

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