Why the Public Health Data Strategy Matters

To advance core missions of robust public health data aimed at improving health outcomes equitably…

4 core public health missions: investigate and respond, detect and monitor, inform and disseminate, be response-ready

The Public Health Data Strategy focuses on meeting the four core public health missions: detect and monitor, investigate and respond, inform and disseminate, and be response-ready.

The Public Health Data Strategy…

Addresses the imperative of the CDC Moving Forward effort to consistently deliver public health information and guidance to Americans in near real-time.

Builds on lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and other recent public health threats to be more response-ready.

Aligns data modernization efforts at all levels of public health and across partners, focusing on near-term priorities.

Measures success with specific 2-year milestones.

Creates accountability for public health data with CDC’s newly established Office of Public Health Data, Surveillance, and Technology.

Source: CDC Moving Forward website