How We Will Do It: Helping to Achieve the Public Health Data Strategy Goals and Milestones

Increase engagement, collaboration, and continual feedback

Increase engagement and collaboration with:

  • STLTs: Collaborate on and continually provide feedback on progress towards key 2-year milestones (e.g., DUAs, reusable technologies); engage directly with STLTs to understand priority needs
  • Providers and labs: Gather feedback from the frontlines on how CDC can better support progress towards 2-year milestones
  • CDC: Establish internal steering committee to provide guidance on longer term PHDS, monitor and provide input on progress; establish mechanisms to solicit programmatic input and identify priority needs
  • Private partners: Organize Industry Days and promote data exchange pilots to work toward modernization together
  • Federal agency partners: Collaborate with partners such as ONC and CMS to advance shared understanding of activities needed to support 2-year milestones, including TEFCA for public health
Establish accountable office within CDC

Ensure accountability for the Public Health Data Goals sits with CDC’s Office of Public Health Data, Surveillance, and Technology (OPHDST):

  • Structure the organization to support core public health missions
  • Identify owners within OPHDST and across the agency to drive progress for specific 2-year milestones
  • Update the agency regularly on Public Health Data Strategy goals and milestones