Top Grossing Licensing Agreements for 2018

A CDC researcher prepares reagents for use in the CDC-developed Zika IgM antibody-capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) referred to as the Zika MAC-ELISA test.

Partners utilize CDC-developed technology in commercialized products to benefit public health. CDC photo, Sue Partridge, CDC-Fort Collins.

Top Grossing Licensing Agreements for 2018
Arkray Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Biological E., Ltd.
Chembio Diagnostic Systems, Inc.
CTK Biotech, Inc.
DiaSorin Molecular, LLC
eBioscience, Inc.
InBios International, Inc.
Life Technologies Corporation
Luminex Corporation
Medix Biochemica
Michael & Associates, Inc.
Microbiologics, Inc.
Mylan, Inc.
RPC Diagnostic Systems, Ltd.
SKC, Inc.
Standard Diagnostics, Inc.
Tick Box Technology Corporation
ViroStat, Inc.
ZeptoMetrix Corporation
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