Highest Grossing Commercial Sales in 2013

Licensees with Highest Grossing Commercial Sales in 2013
Alexeter Technologies, LLC
Bion Enterprises
Biosearch Technologies, Inc.
Dash Connector Technology, Inc.
EM Labs P&K a/k/a Aerotech Laboratories, Inc.
Hennessy Research Associates, LLC
ICx Technologies d/b/a ICx Biodefense
Immunetics, Inc.
InBios International, Inc.
Luminex Corporation (Biovet, Inc.)
Micahael & Associates, Inc.
Open Joint-Stock Company, Pokrov Biological Plant
Quest Diagnostics, Inc.
Serum Institute of India Ltd
SKC Incorporated
Span Diagnostics Ltd
Tick Box Technology Corporation
Trellis Bioscience, Inc.
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