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Office of the Director (OD), Office of the Chief of Public Health Practice (OCPHP)
Public Health Practice Council (PHPC)
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Last Reviewed: October 16, 2008
Last Modified: March 22, 2007
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Office of the Chief of Public Health Practice (OCPHP), Public Health Practice Council (PHPC)

PHPC Workgroups

Group 1 - Translating Science into Practice

Team Lead: Cathleen Walsh, NCHHSTP/DSTDP
Facilitator: Tony Moulton, OCPHP/PHLP

Group Members & Organizational Unit:
Grant Baldwin, NCIPC
Jay Bernhardt, NCHM
Peter Briss, CCEHIP
Sue Dietz, OCWD
Maurine Goodman, OCSO/OPHR
Glen Nowak, OD/OEC
Rich Schieber, NCIRD
Christa Singleton, COTPER/DSLR

Group 2 - Establishing a Conceptual Framework for Performance of Public Health Systems

Team Lead: Sharunda Buchanan, NCEH/ATSDR/EEHS
Facilitator: Ursula Phoenix Weir, OCPHP/OSEIP

Group Members & Organizational Unit:
Joe Boone, NCPDCID
Liza Corso, OCPHP
Donna Garland, OD/OEC
Alison Johnson, NCBBDD
Dennis Lenaway, OCPHP/OSEIP
Dara Murphy, NCCDPHP
Frank Vinicor, NCCDPHP
Trevor Woollery, OCSO

Group 3 - Facilitating Building Infrastructure at the Local, State, and International Levels

Team Lead: Joan Cioffi, OWCD
Facilitator: Amy Loy, OCOO/PMP

Group Members & Organizational Unit:
Michael Dalmat, NCCDPHP
Teresa Daub, OCPHP/OSEIP
Mike Herring, NCEH, EEHS/EHSB
Angela Marr, NCIPC
Candice Nowicki, OCOO/PMP
Marilyn Radke, OCSO, OSRS
Tony Santarsiero, NCHM/DPSA

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