NSSP FOA Teleconference Questions

FOA Teleconference Questions

On January 25, 2016, CDC held an informational teleconference to answer questions about funding opportunity CDC-RFA-OE15-1502External. The applicants’ questions and the CDC responses are summarized below. Content was edited for clarity and is not verbatim.

Q: What level of detail should be included in the Applicant Evaluation and Performance Measurement Plan? The FOA states “…describe key evaluation questions to be addressed….” Should we mention specific questions that might be asked on a survey (or something similar) that would be developed in collaboration with the community of practice?

A: CDC response: These are the types of questions we’d look at in terms of performance metrics. Once an award is made, CDC will work with that awardee to develop an evaluation. If some activities or metrics need to be tweaked, they can be tweaked later.

Q: There’s quite a bit of detail in the scope of work. The work plan asks for the same information in multiple places. There will be some redundancy. Is that to be expected?

A: CDC response: Correct, and wherever you’re asked to provide that information—even though it might seem redundant—please provide it.

Q: I have a question about the software expectations for the content management system and knowledge repository. Part of the process of this cooperative agreement will be fleshing out the requirements for the tools—and, obviously, any tools developed have to comply with federal guidelines for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Are there any other software requirements that are not identified that we need to be aware of while gathering requirements?

A:  CDC response: If you’re referring to knowledge management collaboration tools when you mention software, many tools are available, and the awardee may use whatever is most feasible to meet the requirements of the FOA.

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