Tools for Monitoring the Quality of Production Data

Updated March 6, 2024

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During new site and new facility onboarding, NSSP business rules require 80% or higher completeness of Priority 1 elements to successfully process data in the staging environment. Once onboarded and data are flowing in the production environment, we recommend that site personnel continue to work on the completeness of Priority 2 elements because these are meaningful to interpreting data trends.

The NSSP BioSense Platform hosts several tools for monitoring production-level data for timeliness, completeness, and validity of Priority 1 and 2 data elements. Combined, these tools provide a thorough approach to monitoring, evaluating, and staging interventions for all data elements:

  • The NSSP Data Quality Dashboard* (DQDB), v2, can assist in monitoring data flow, timeliness, completeness, and validity of a subset of Priority 1 and 2 data elements. Users can view data for the previous 120 days in different formats and further refine the underlying query by Feed, Parent Organization, Vendor, Facility Type, County, calculated Patient Class, Facility Name, and individual data elements. Users can also build, preview, store, and manage custom rules to detect data quality anomalies and alert other users.
  • The NSSP Data Quality on Demand* (DQOD) Report Generator, accessible via the Data Quality Dashboard, can be used to build, format, store, and manage granular, custom-formatted data quality completeness reports as multi-sheet workbooks that contain counts, percentages, and additional metadata for 181 data elements. The accompanying Message Explorer functionality allows users to sample parsed HL7® messages with incomplete values from a specified element or explore them using one or more matching text values.
  • DQOD in SAS Studio: The BioSense Platform User Manual for Data-Quality-On-Demand Programs will appeal to SAS users. The manual provides instruction for calling SAS programs and focuses on output and interpretation of those reports.
    • Includes ALL data elements, not just priority 1 and 2.
    • Includes completeness, timeliness, and validity reports by visit date.
  • ESSENCE,* the data visualization and syndromic surveillance component of the BioSense Platform, hosts completeness, validity, and timeliness reports for key data quality elements. Users have the flexibility to change the period of evaluation and facilities included and to obtain visit-level data quality metrics.
  • Daily Site Processing Summary emails: The Site Summary Processing emails provide alerts on data processing and potential issues with end-to-end data flow and are designed to help site administrators identify potential data processing issues quickly.
  • Data Flow Alerts: NSSP provides 30-, 60-, and 90-day email alerts when active facilities are not sending data.

We can answer your questions about the tools listed above and work with you to improve data quality. To learn more about availability and use of completeness reports, validity and timeliness reports, and visit-level reports, please submit an NSSP Service Desk ticket.

*Username and password are required to access tools on the BioSense Platform. To set up an account, contact