You make a valid point! Validity Data Quality Reports are Available

Priority Column

The Analytic Data Management support staff has expanded the Onboarding Data Quality (DQ) reports to include Validity reports. Now, in addition to the Completeness reports we’ve been providing, you can access Validity reports to make sure data in pertinent fields, such as Patient Class or Facility Type, conform to PHIN standards-based vocabulary. In addition, the Validity reports describe elements that do not adhere to standards but might have unusual values (e.g., age, temperature). You can also review your top-reported Chief Complaint values.

The Onboarding DQ Validity reports have some new features as well. These reports now include a Priority column (PRI) that you can use, for example, to easily filter priority 1 fields (figure 1). The Validity reports also have a new Summary tab that, at a glance, allow you to review percent of visits with conforming values in each applicable field (figure 2). And, there are links to direct you to the details of the values reported (figure 3). We hope both the PRI column and Summary tab make accessing information even easier than before.

Table 1
Summary Tab
Values Reported

These features are available in the Onboarding DQ Validity reports (in Staging) and in the Production monthly reports. Thanks again for the helpful feedback on your reporting needs!

Page last reviewed: September 24, 2021