New Tabs on the Block

Updates to the Onboarding Data Validation Report are Here!

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In October 2018, on the recommendation of community members, we created two tabs for the Production environment Data Quality Completeness Reports: _Cells and _Cells_Red. Both tabs proved useful, and community members who onboard and test new facilities asked us to add both tabs to the completeness reports they use for Onboarding Validation in the Staging environment. These tabs are located in the Data Quality Completeness Report to filter data by feed or facility and to view Red cells only (cells with <90% completeness).

The <Site>_Cells tab includes everything in one report—from Overall ($All) and specific feed to facilitylevel data completeness. Use the Feed_Name column to filter on $All Feeds or on a specific feed.

Create feed-specific reports for vendors simply by filtering and copying data into a separate worksheet or new Excel file. You can also use the Priority field to filter on priority 1 fields and then filter on %visits to display cells highlighted in Red, which leads us to the next new tab.

The <Site>_Cells_Red tab opens a worksheet containing all Red highlighted cells found throughout the report. This tab is a one-stop shop for identifying completeness issues at a glance. The worksheet includes overall, specific feed, and specific facility-level information for all columns with <90% completeness. Use this new worksheet to identify potential problematic cells.

We thank NSSP’s Analytic Data Management (ADM) Team for this explanation. Members of the ADM Team are available to answer questions and discuss data quality reports. To schedule a one-on-one discussion, please contact the NSSP Service Desk.