Data Quality on Demand Now Available through SAS Studio

Interested in making your own detailed NSSP production data quality reports for Completeness, Timeliness, and Validity? Want to control the visit date range in reports? You can do both using the (DQOD) SAS program.

DQOD is part of a suite of programs available in NSSP SAS Studio. DQOD puts more control in your hands. Launch to run one or more reports for any date range and produce Excel files with the same content as the detailed DQ reports NSSP releases each month. Simply copy the main program,, update a few settings, and go!

A user manual has been posted on the Technical Publications and Standards page.

How to Use DQOD

First, locate the SAS Studio tool. Under Programs, scroll to the code for Once there, select the options you want (shown below), and then run the program:

SAS Studio Tool screenshot


The reports will be delivered to your “dqodreport” directory:

screenshot of directory reports are stored on: Files(Home):dqod:report

As a reminder, you can “Background Submit” your SAS jobs by right-clicking the program and making this selection from the pop-up window:

screenshot of


Click the menu button on the top navigation bar to see the status of your job:

screenshot of