Check Your Daily Site Processing Summary!

Quick Tip: Refer to the Daily Summary often - at least EVERY day!

The “Daily Summary” is an automated email sent to site administrators and their designees each morning. It provides a snapshot of processing metrics and issues and is designed to help site administrators identify potential data processing issues quickly. These emails contain collated details on the data’s journey through various processing steps.

The Daily Summary delves into data processing (e.g., filtered records, exceptions, production backlogs) and summarizes facility activity, including alerts and volume anomalies. In addition, the Monday email displays anomalies associated with visit and message volume.

A quick scan of the email will show the status of your site’s data. For in-depth guidance, NSSP is developing a Quick Start Guide that will be posted in the Resource Center. The Guide will describe each section and how data are calculated. If you have questions, suggestions for improving the Daily Summary, or concerns about data processing, please submit a Service Desk ticket to support.syndromicsurveillance.orgexternal icon

Page last reviewed: September 24, 2021