NORA Wholesale and Retail Trade Sector Council


The Wholesale and Retail Trade Council meets using virtual meeting software.

May 17, 2019                      3:30 – 4:30 pm ET (virtual meeting)

  • Introduction
    • Purpose for meeting
    • Introduce WRT Co-Chairs Dr. Kermit Davis, LCDR Adrienne Eastlake, and Debbie Hornback
    • Member introductions
    • Purpose of NORA Councils
  • Presentation: Preventive Management vs. Claims Management

Gary Jarvis, Safety Solutions

  • Town Hall Discussion
    • What’s next?
    • Potential topics for next meeting
    • Potential topics for Quarterly NORA WRT Bulletin
    • Final remarks
  • Closing

May 17, 2018                     4:00-5:00 pm ET (virtual meeting)

  • Welcome
  • NORA Wholesale and Retail Trade Council and revised National Agenda
    Vern Anderson, PhD, Council Co-chair
  • Slips, Trips, Falls
    Wayne S. Maynard, CPS, CPE, Liberty Mutual Insurance

January 19, 2017              4:00-5:00 pm ET (virtual meeting)

  • NIOSH’s approach for prioritizing research programs and related observations
    Dr. Paul Schulte, Manager of NIOSH Wholesale and Retail Trade (WRT) Program
  • What we know
    Dr. Vern Anderson, NORA WRT Council co-chair and Coordinator of the NIOSH WRT Program
  • Discussion

March 23, 2017                4:00-5:00 pm ET (virtual meeting)

Discussion of topics that will advance WRT health and safety and meet the needs of the vast WRT sector during the next decade of NORA considering the changing retail and wholesale businesses. This includes employees, employers, safety and health practitioners, labor organizations, loss control insurers, the loss control training & certification, academic research community, and state, federal, local government service providers, and others.

Questions posed during the discussion:

  1. How are jobs changing in WRT?
  2. How are the hazards changing in WRT? (Realize in 8 yrs. it will be 2025)
  3. How can we address organizational and stress related issues?
  4. How do we better address the wholesale component of the trade sector?
  5. How do we improve our approach to research translation?
  6. How do we improve our focus on small businesses?
  7. What are the biggest obstacles to employers that inhibit them from adopting recognized engineering solutions, such as hydraulic lifting devices?
  8. Help us revitalize WRT research to increase interest among external funders to consider supporting solutions that are both cost effective and innovative.
  9. Other concerns and ideas.
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