NORA Transportation, Warehousing and Utilities Sector Council


The NORA TWU Council meets using virtual meeting software.

Transportation, Warehousing and Utilities

April 5, 2019                       3:00 – 5:30 pm ET (Virtual meeting)

  • Welcome
    Dawn Castillo and Eric Wood, Co-chairs
  • Trends Affecting Job Quality in Goods Movement
    Steve Viscelli, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Sociology
  • Physical and psychological impacts of precarious work on warehouse workers in Southern California
    Sheheryar Kaoosji, Warehouse Worker Resource Center
  • Update: NORA Services Sector Council Contingent Workers Workgroup
    Lauren Menger-Ogle and Michelle Owens-Gary, NORA Services Sector Council
  • Discussion and follow-up
    Karl Sieber, NIOSH
  • TWU council updates
    Jennifer Lincoln, NIOSH
  • Themes for next council meeting
    Karl Sieber, NIOSH
  • Final thoughts from Council members
    Eric Wood, University of Utah

February 23, 2018            1:00-4:00 pm (virtual meeting)

Topic: Virtual reality in Transportation, Warehousing and Utilities

  • Welcome
  • Presentations
    • New Transportation Technologies and the Human Operator: Training and Evaluation
      Donald L. Fisher and David Moore, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
    • How Simulation Impacts Training
      Robert Raheb & Clayne Woodbury, FAAC Inc.
    • VR in Walmart U.S. Academies
      Aaron Kimbrough, Digital Operations, Walmart U.S. Central Operations
  • Council business
    • Status of research agenda
    • Potential council activities
    • Next council meeting

May 18, 2018                     2:00-3:00 pm ET (virtual meeting)

  • Welcome
    Eric Wood and Dawn Castillo
  • How NIOSH is addressing NORA TWU Research Agenda objectives
    Dawn Castillo
  • Discussion of how Council members can/will address the NORA TWU Research Agenda
    Eric Wood
  • Updates from Council members
    Jennifer E. Lincoln
  • Council business and wrap up
    Karl Sieber

July 24, 2018                      1:00-3:30 pm ET (virtual meeting)

Held in conjunction with the Cancer, Reproductive, Cardiovascular, and Other Chronic Disease Prevention (CRC) and Respiratory Health (RH) Councils

  • Welcomes and introductions
    Dawn Castillo, TWU Co-chair; Paul Landsbergis, CRC Co-chair; David Weissman, RH Co-chair
  • Presentations
    • Maintenance-of-Way Worker Health and Safety Study
      Paul Landsbergis, SUNY-Downstate School of Public health
    • The Health Status of Passenger Transit Workers: A Comparative Perspective from Group Health Insurance Medical Claims Data in the U.S.
      Tim Bushnell, NIOSH
    • Medicare Claims and Enrollment Data: Strengths, Limitations and Opportunities
      Megan Casey, NIOSH
  • Group Discussion: Value, challenges, and opportunities for medical claims analyses
    Facilitator- Karl Sieber, NIOSH
  • Group Discussion: Potential follow-up
    Facilitator – Jennifer E. Lincoln, NIOSH
  • Open Mic (opportunity to share updates or information likely to be of interest to participants)
    Facilitator – Dawn Castillo, NIOSH
  • Wrap-up and Closing Comments
    Teresa Schnorr, CRC Co-Chair; Paul Henneberger, RH Program Coordinator; Karl Sieber, TWU Program Coordinator

December 10, 2018         1:00 – 3:00 pm ET (virtual meeting)

  • Welcome
    Dawn Castillo and Eric Wood, Council Co-chairs
  •  Presentations
    • Conducting Mental Health Research in Seafarers
      Rafael Lefkowitz, Yale School of Medicine
    • Commercial driving and obesity: Working conditions, behavioral interactions, and interventions
      Ryan Olson, Oregon Health and Science University
    • Truck Driver Health: Can we Improve Heart, Mind, and Body?
      Matt Thiese, University of Utah
  • Discussion and follow-up
    Facilitator – Karl Sieber, NIOSH
  • TWU council updates
    Facilitator – Jennifer Lincoln, NIOSH
  • Themes for next council meeting
    Facilitator – Karl Sieber
  • Final thoughts from Council members
    Facilitator – Eric Wood

February 17, 2017           2:00-4:00 pm ET (virtual meeting)

  • Welcome/Roll call with brief reports
    Jennifer E. Lincoln
  • Facilitating council member communication
    Liz Dalsey and Karl Sieber
  • Presentation- Progress on the TWU goals for the second decade of NORA
    Karl Sieber
  • Discussion of aids and barriers to progress on second decade goals
  • Review of Draft Agenda, Role of Strategic Objectives
    Dawn Castillo
  • Round Robin: Strategic Objectives
    Eric Wood
  • Next Steps
    Dawn Castillo
  • Round Robin: Final Thoughts
    Eric Wood

May 12, 2017                     11:00 am – 2:00 pm ET (virtual meeting)

  • Welcome/Roll call, with brief reports from Council members
    Dawn Castillo and Eric Wood- Welcome
    Jennifer E. Lincoln – Roll Call
  • The Role of Psychosocial Variables in Occupational Health & Safety
    Kim Davies-Schrills
  • Reports from workgroups on strategic objective descriptive text (5 minute presentations for each, with 5 minutes for discussion)
    Karl Sieber
    • Objective 1: Reduce deaths and injuries of TWU workers
      Terry Bunn
    • Objective 2: Reduce musculoskeletal disorders among TWU workers
      Dinkar Mokadom
    • Objective 3: Promote and improve the health and well-being of TWU workers
      Jeff Hickman
    • Objective 4: Increase knowledge about the association between TWU worker exposures and adverse health outcomes, and effective prevention and control strategies
      Dan Flinta
    • Objective 5: Increase knowledge about the role of worker characteristics and impairment on TWU worker safety, health and well-being, and effective prevention strategies
      Robin Gillespie
    • Objective 6: Encourage Prevention through Design to improve the safety of work environments, equipment, and tasks
      Jack Sahl
    • Objective 7: Proactively address the safety implications of emerging technologies
      Dawn Castillo
    • Objective 8: Support safe workplaces through organizational-level factors, programs and measures
      Jennifer M. Lincoln
    • Objective 9: Increase understanding of how changes in the economy affect the safety and well-being of TWU workers
      Kim Davies-Schrils
    • Objective 10: Foster translation of research into practice to improve the health and well-being of TWU workers
      Steve Popkin and Mark Friend
  • Next steps to synthesize and refine Strategic Objectives and descriptions
    Dawn Castillo
  • Planning ahead – ideas on frequency and content of upcoming Council meetings; interactions with other sector and cross-sector councils
    Jennifer E. Lincoln
  • Final thoughts from Council members
    Eric Wood

September 15, 2017        1:00-3:00 pm ET (virtual meeting)

  • Welcome/Roll call with brief reports
    Jennifer E. Lincoln
  • Introduction to Presentation and Discussion
    Dawn Castillo
    • “Managing Safety” Presentation
      Mark Friend and Kim Davies-Shrils
    • Facilitated Discussion
      Karl Sieber
    • Potential Follow-up by Council
      Jennifer E. Lincoln
  • Sector Council Business
    Dawn Castillo

December 1, 2016            2:00-4:00 pm ET (virtual meeting)

  • Welcome
    Eric Wood and Dawn Castillo, Co-Chairs
  • Member introductions, including identifying specific areas of interest
    Jennifer E. Lincoln
  • Presentation- Overview of NORA and 1st year objectives to develop broad strategic research objectives
    Emily Novicki, NORA Coordinator, NIOSH
  • Discussion of Council vision and target audiences
    Eric Wood
  • Process to identify strategic research objectives; Agenda for meeting in Jan/Feb 2017
    Dawn Castillo
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