NORA Traumatic Injury Prevention Cross-Sector Council


The Traumatic Injury Prevention Council meets several times per year using virtual meeting software.

February 8, 2019               1:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET (virtual meeting)

  • Welcome
  • Presentations on Objective 2: Reduce Falls and Advance Fall Protection
    • Slip-resistant footwear: Simple assessments based on rigorous experiments
      Kurt Beschorner, University of Pittsburgh
    • Tradesman and occupational falls – Some factors that I have noticed while serving as an expert witness
      Jerry Davis, Auburn University
    • Translational products for preventing MSDs and falls in aging retail workers
      Jim Grosch and Harpriya Kaur, NIOSH
    • Safety-related decision-making by small business owners for the adoption of safer fall prevention solutions
      Jonathan Friedel, Anne Foreman, and Oliver Wirth, NIOSH
  • Presentation Discussion & Follow-up
  • Council Member Updates
  • Next Meeting: Topics & Speakers

July 19, 2019               1:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET (virtual meeting)

  • Welcome
  • Presentations: Human/Machine Interface
    • Adaptive automation and implications for worker safety and health
      Joel Haight, University of Pittsburgh
    • Highlights in robot safety standards setting
      Carole Franklin, Robotic Industries Association
    • National Safety Council ‘Work to Zero’ initiative
      Anthony Washburn, National Safety Council
  • Presentation Discussion & Follow-up
  • Council Business: Products & Activities
    • Sample products from other councils
    • TIP products in development
  • Council Member Updates
  • Next Meeting: Topics & Speakers
  • Closing comments

April 5, 2018                       11:00 am – 12:30 pm (virtual meeting)

The NORA Traumatic Injury Prevention Agenda draft document was posted to the Federal Register for public comment late last year. The comment period ended in early February, and we received input from two individuals and from four organizations.

  • Welcome/Roll call
  • Discussion of response to public comments on NORA TIP Agenda
  • Council member updates/Other council business

August 31, 2018        11:00 am – 12:30 pm (virtual meeting)

  • Welcome
  • How NIOSH is addressing NORA TIP Research Agenda objectives
  • Examples of TIP Council member activities that support the NORA TIP Research Agenda
  • Discussion of how the council and members can/will address the NORA TIP Research Agenda
  • Updates from council members
  • Closing comments

January 31, 2017              12:00-4:00 pm ET (virtual meeting)

  • Welcome/Roll call, with brief reports from Council members on something of importance in last couple of months
  • Facilitating Council member connections
  • Presentations
    • Migrant Workers and Occupational Injuries: A Case Study of Day Laborers in California
      Kevin Riley, UCLA Labor Occupational Safety and Health Program
    • Road to Zero
      Jane Terry, National Safety Council
    • Robotics
      Dawn Castillo, NIOSH
    • Workplace violence and other labor research priorities
      Rebecca Reindel, AFL-CIO
  • Review of draft Agenda template, role of Strategic Objectives
  • Round robin – Council members each contribute a potential Strategic Objective and why it is relevant
  • Next steps to synthesize and refine Strategic Objectives
  • Round robin – final thoughts from Council members

March 3, 2017                   12:00-4:00 pm ET (virtual meeting)

  • Welcome/Roll call, with brief reports from Council members
  • Reports from workgroups on strategic objective descriptive text
    • SO1: Reduce violence in the workplace
      Dan Hartley
    • SO2: Improve safety through research on the human-machine interface
      Joel Haight
    • SO3: Promote safety in non-standard work arrangements
      Jennifer Lincoln
    • SO4: Support safe workplaces through organizational-level measures
      Christine Schuler
    • SO5: Improve occupational safety equity across worker populations
      John Myers
    • SO6: Reduce transportation-related injuries
      Stephanie Pratt
    • SO7: Promote intervention development and evaluation together with implementation and effectiveness measurement research
      Cammie Chaumont Menéndez
    • SO8: Reduce falls
      Hongwei Hsiao
  • Next steps to synthesize and refine Strategic Objectives and descriptions
    • Qs to consider: Was there a “best” format among the 8 draft descriptions? Should we re-order the objectives?
  • Planning ahead – ideas on frequency and content of upcoming Council meetings; interactions with other sector and cross-sector councils
  • Final thoughts from Council members

November 13, 2017        2:00-4:30 pm ET (virtual meeting)

Held conjunction with the Construction Sector Council

  • Welcome and Introduction of Presenters
    Christine Branche, Co-Chair, NORA Construction Council
    Joel Haight, Co-Chair, NORA Traumatic Injury Prevention (TIP) Council
  •  Presentation of “Precursor Analysis: A Systematic Method for Predicting and Preventing Fatal and Disabling Injuries”
    Matthew Hallowell, PhD; Professor of Construction Engineering; Univ of Colorado at Boulder
    John Gambatese, PhD, PE-CA; Professor, School of Civil and Construction Eng; Oregon State Univ
  • Video of a “Field Safety Engagement” and participant exercise and discussion
    Moderated by Matthew Hallowell and John Gambatese
  • Group Discussion
    Moderated by Cammie Chaumont Menéndez, Asst. Coordinator, TIP Council
  • Council Business
    Christine Schuler, Coordinator, TIP Council
    Scott Earnest, Coordinator, Construction Council
  • TIP: NORA agenda, 2018 National Occupational Research Injury Symposium (NOIRS), Center for Occupational Robotics Center, next meeting
  • Construction: NORA agenda, program evaluation, collaborations, science blog, next meeting

December 2, 2016           12:00-3:30 ET (virtual meeting)

  • Welcome/Member introductions, including identifying specific areas of interest
    Joel Haight/Dawn Castillo, Co-chairs
  • Presentation – Overview of NORA and 1st year objectives to develop broad strategic research objectives
    Emily Novicki, NORA Coordinators
  • Discussion – Council vision statement and target audiences
    Cammie Chaumont Menéndez, NIOSH
  • Overview of injury stats/trends
    John Myers, NIOSH
  • Overview of progress on NIOSH traumatic injury research goals in 2nd decade of NORA
    Cammie Chaumont Menéndez, NIOSH
  • Format and process for next meeting (Jan 2017), to include drafting TIP’s Strategic Objectives
    Christine Schuler, NIOSH
  • Final comments/Round robin
    Dawn Castillo/Joel Haight
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