National Occupational Research Agenda for Traumatic Injury Prevention

The National Occupational Research Agenda for Traumatic Injury Prevention is intended to identify the knowledge and actions most urgently needed to characterize occupational risk factors to prevent occupational injuries. This agenda provides a vehicle for interested parties to describe the most relevant issues, research gaps, and needs for traumatic injury prevention. It focuses on issues from a broader perspective than can be addressed by any one agency or organization.

The Traumatic Injury Prevention Cross-Sector Council began to develop this agenda with a series of virtual meetings, held in December 2016 and January and March 2017.  Council members posited ideas, which were synthesized into eight overarching strategic objectives for traumatic injury prevention. There are some overlapping concepts in these objectives, but each was considered important and distinct enough to warrant its own objective. Volunteer workgroups wrote descriptions for each objective. After review and input from the council, public comment on the draft agenda was sought through a public docket identified in the Federal Register. Public comments were received and the agenda revised accordingly.

National Occupational Research Agenda for Traumatic Injury Prevention
The first four objectives focus on leading causes of occupational injury. The remaining four objectives are cross-cutting and address all types of traumatic occupational injuries and work environments. They are not presented in any order of priority or importance.

Objective 1: Prevent work-related motor vehicle crashes and injuries

Objective 2: Reduce falls and advance fall protection

Objective 3: Reduce violence in the workplace

Objective 4: Prevent injuries related to human-machine interaction for current and evolving technologies

Objective 5: Promote safety in non-standard work arrangements

Objective 6: Improve occupational safety equity across worker populations

Objective 7: Improve organization-based injury prevention

Objective 8: Promote rigorous evaluations of occupational injury prevention programs and efforts

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