Respiratory Health Cross-Sector Council


The NORA Respiratory Health Cross-Sector Council meets several times per year using virtual meeting software. Workgroups meet more frequently during the year, usually by teleconference.

May 7, 2019                        11:00 am – 12:30 pm ET (virtual meeting)

  • Welcome and roll call
  • Follow-up to last meeting:  Any further thoughts/comments regarding surveillance for work-related COPD?
  • Updates on 3 implementation projects
    • “Faces of Work-related COPD” video series
    • Algorithms for identifying work-related asthma
    • Contribution of work to COPD
  • Discussion of a possible next video series
  • Open Discussion

November 7, 2019                        11:00 am – 12:30 pm ET (virtual meeting)

  • Welcome and roll call
  • Updates on 2 implementation projects
    • Contact numbers for the “Faces of Work-related COPD” video series
    • Proposing conference session on identification of work-related COPD cases
  • Follow-up to last meeting: Discussion of a possible new video series
  • Open Discussion about additional implementation projects

April 20, 2018                    12:00-1:30 pm ET (virtual meeting)

  • Welcome and roll call
  • Comments on NORA Respiratory Health Research Agenda
  • Review Action Items from the RHCC meeting on Dec. 15, 2017
  • Discussion:  Implementation efforts
  • Wrap up

July 24, 2018                      1:00-3:30 pm ET (virtual meeting)

Held in conjunction with the Cancer, Reproductive, Cardiovascular, and Other Chronic Disease Prevention (CRC) and Transportation, Warehousing, and Utilities (TWU) Councils

  • Welcomes and introductions
    Dawn Castillo, TWU Co-chair; Paul Landsbergis, CRC Co-chair; David Weissman, RH Co-chair
  • Presentations
    • Maintenance-of-Way Worker Health and Safety Study
      Paul Landsbergis, SUNY-Downstate School of Public health
    • The Health Status of Passenger Transit Workers: A Comparative Perspective from Group Health Insurance Medical Claims Data in the U.S.
      Tim Bushnell, NIOSH
    • Medicare Claims and Enrollment Data: Strengths, Limitations and Opportunities
      Megan Casey, NIOSH
  • Group Discussion: Value, challenges, and opportunities for medical claims analyses
    Facilitator- Karl Sieber, NIOSH
  • Group Discussion: Potential follow-up
    Facilitator – Jennifer E. Lincoln, NIOSH
  • Open Mic (opportunity to share updates or information likely to be of interest to participants)
    Facilitator – Dawn Castillo, NIOSH
  • Wrap-up and Closing Comments
    Teresa Schnorr, CRC Co-Chair; Paul Henneberger, RH Program Coordinator; Karl Sieber, TWU Program Coordinator

January 6, 2017                12:00-1:30 pm ET (virtual meeting)

  • Welcome and roll call
  • Discussion: Suggestions for new members of the Council
  • Discussion: Priorities suggested by Council members
  • Wrap up

February 16, 2017           12:00-1:30 pm ET (virtual meeting)

  • Welcome, introduce new members, and roll call
  • Discussion: Outstanding invitations to potential members
  • NIOSH perspective on goals and burden
  • Discussion: Strategic goals, start with 10 goals that came from last call
  • Wrap up

March 31, 2017                11:00-12:30 pm ET (virtual meeting)

  • Welcome and roll call
  • Review Action Items from last phone call
  • Discussion: Summary of results from ranking of disease subobjectives, and integration of strategic objectives and subobjectives
  • Discussion: Preparation of short burden statements for strategic objectives and subobjectives
  • Reminder of informal in-person meeting: Sat., May 20, 4:30-6:00 PM during American Thoracic Society Conference
  • Wrap up

July 25, 2017                      11:00-12:30 pm ET (virtual meeting)

  • Welcome
  • Feedback on draft National Occupational Research Agenda for Respiratory Health
  • Agenda next steps
  • Discussion about potential new projects/activities
  • Wrap-up

December 15, 2017         11:00-12:30 pm ET (virtual meeting)

  • Discuss ideas for implementation projects
  • Discuss characteristics of a good project

December 2, 2016            10:00-11:30 am ET (virtual meeting)

  • Welcome and roll call
  • NORA: The third decade
    Presentation by Emily Novicki, NORA Coordinator
  • Council members introduce themselves
  • Plans for Respiratory Health Cross-sector Council
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