National Public Safety Agenda

An updated agenda is available here

The NORA Public Safety Council finalized this version of the National Agenda after considering public comments on the previous draft. The NORA Public Safety Sub-Sector includes corrections, emergency medical services, firefighting and law enforcement.

The NORA Public Safety Council produced the National Public Safety Agenda to address occupational safety and health issues for public safety workers after evaluation of surveillance data, expert and practitioner input, and public comments. The NORA Public Safety Sub Sector included over 3.5 million employees in 2006. About one-half of these workers are volunteer fire fighters and emergency medical services volunteers.

On any given day, public safety workers may respond to emergency calls including criminal acts, structural fires, and traumatic injuries. In some cases, they enter uncontrolled environments to rescue potential victims. These duties increase their risks for traumatic injuries and fatalities and place them in contact with biological, chemical, physical and psychosocial hazards that are associated with cardiovascular disease, cancer and other chronic disorders

Comments on the selected goals are always welcome; they will be considered in future updates of this agenda. Offers from individuals and organizations to help accomplish the goals through partnerships are of particular interest to the Council. You may submit correspondence by email to

National Public Safety Agenda – April 2009Cdc-pdf [PDF – 103 KB]

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Sidney C. Soderholm, PhD
NORA Coordinator
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