What Happens During a Technical Assistance Call

Phase 1: Pre-onboarding


STEP 1: The technical assistance team schedules the initial call with the PHA.

STEP 2: During the call, baseline information about the PHA’s systems and current case notification processes is collected and shared.

STEP 3: The technical assistance team will discuss the PHA’s responses to the Infrastructure Assessment Questionnaire to determine the resources and level of effort required for the implementation.

STEP 4: The PHA answers questions related to its technical architecture, security setup, disease surveillance system, and vocabulary (i.e., standard coding).

STEP 5: Using the information collected, the technical assistance team drafts a plan for the PHA, including a proposed timeline, a preliminary gap analysis, and a technical solution.


STEP 1: When both the technical assistance team and PHA are ready to begin work, the technical assistance team schedules the kickoff call with the PHA. This call officially begins the implementation work and finalizes the project plan.

STEP 2: During the call, the technical assistance team and PHA identify any remaining preparation to be done.

STEP 3: The PHA and technical assistance team develop a target implementation timeline.

STEP 4: The PHA and technical assistance team establish weekly checkpoints.

STEP 5: After the kickoff call, the technical assistance team will work with the PHA through all of the implementation steps and provide support to meet specific needs.

For which activities is NMI technical assistance available?

The NMI State Implementation and Technical Assistance Team works with PHA leadership, IT personnel, and epidemiology subject matter experts to assist in three areas:

  • project management and business analysis;
  • terminology expertise, data standards expertise, and workflow analysis; and
  • technical architecture and system integration expertise.

For a complete listing of all activities supported by technical assistance, please see “Areas of NMI Technical Assistance.”

What models of technical assistance are available?

NMI technical assistance is provided as three different models: 1) onsite, 2) virtual, and 3) hybrid, a combination of onsite and virtual technical assistance.

See “Models of NMI Technical Assistance Available” for more information.

Can all PHAs use NMI technical assistance?

Yes, all PHAs can use technical assistance. In addition, all PHAs can use the resources on this website, including templates, standardized information, checklists, and other tools.

Is there a cost to PHAs for using NMI technical assistance?

No, there is no cost to PHAs for technical assistance.

  • Send an email to the CDC Electronic Data Exchange inbox at edx@cdc.gov.
  • Include your question or a brief description of assistance needed.
Page last reviewed: December 19, 2018