Areas of NMI Technical Assistance

Phase I: Pre-Onboarding

The technical assistance teams work with PHA leadership, IT personnel, and epidemiology subject matter experts to assist in any of the following areas:

Project Management and Business Analysis

  • Help understand the short- and long-term goals, benefits, and challenges of HL7 case notification messaging.
  • Help determine your path to completing this project, identify potential risk and needed resources, and develop a custom project plan.
  • Transfer knowledge to enhance in-house capability on the use of integration engines and infrastructure management for case notifications to CDC based on MMGs.
  • Provide hands-on assistance and training to build capacity to implement case notification messages and achieve production status.

Terminology Expertise, Data Standards Expertise, and Workflow Analysis

  • Harmonize surveillance system terminology and incorporate nationally recognized electronic data standards into your workflow.
  • Help map local vocabulary and disease surveillance system (DSS) data elements to data elements within the MMG and to PHIN Vocabulary Access and Distribution System value sets.
  • Identify and explore solutions to gaps between available DSS data elements and MMG data elements.
  • Help understand how, when, and why to use standard codes (e.g., LOINC, SNOMED, PHIN value sets).

Technical Architecture and System Integration Expertise

  • Extract data from surveillance information systems.
  • Map codes in the data extract to vocabulary specified in the MMGs.
  • Create HL7 messages based on the MMGs by using an integration engine (e.g., Rhapsody) or other tools.
  • Facilitate secure transport of HL7 messages.
  • Address security concerns.
  • Provide detailed analysis of proposed solution(s).
  • Use previous experience and reusable components from successful solutions in other organizations so that every implementation does not reinvent the wheel.
  • Provide hands-on assistance with data exchange mechanisms and other technical architecture options.
What models of technical assistance are available?

NMI technical assistance is provided as three different models: 1) onsite, 2) virtual, and 3) hybrid, a combination of onsite and virtual technical assistance.

See “Models of NMI Technical Assistance Available” for more information.

Can all PHAs use NMI technical assistance?

Yes, all PHAs can use technical assistance. In addition, all PHAs can use the resources on this website, including templates, standardized information, checklists, and other tools.

Is there a cost to PHAs for using NMI technical assistance?

No, there is no cost to PHAs for technical assistance.

  • Send an email to the CDC Electronic Data Exchange inbox at
  • Include your question or a brief description of assistance needed.
Page last reviewed: December 19, 2018