Phase IV: Production Steps

Phase IV: Production

STEP 1: After reviewing and approving the year-to-date messages, the NMI Onboarding Specialist sends an email to the PHA indicating that they are officially in production. PHAs may be approved for production with provisions, which are changes that need to be made shortly after going into production.

STEP 2: PHA turns off the legacy feeds for newly onboarded conditions.

STEP 3: PHA begins sending any updates and new case notification messages to MVPS.

STEP 4: PHA addresses any outstanding issues, if they were approved for production with provisions, and continues to routinely review their submitted messages on the MVPS Dashboard (registration required for access) for receipt and any errors or warnings. Jurisdictions should notify of any problems or issues they encounter.

How is onboarding different with MVPS than for legacy systems?

Onboarding is different with MVPS in the following ways:

  • Jurisdictions have one uniform email to contact CDC about MVPS onboarding:
  • Jurisdictions validate test messages by using the Message Evaluation and Testing Service (METS).
  • Jurisdictions send test messages directly to MVPS.
  • CDC is using a new tracking tool to help monitor, evaluate, and coordinate the onboarding process.
  • Technical assistance is available to jurisdictions to help address issues.
How long does it generally take a PHA to move from onboarding to production?

The average time from onboarding to production is 6–8 weeks.

How frequently should my PHA’s case notification messages be transmitted to CDC?

To assist CDC in making timelier public health decisions, PHAs are requested to send as near to real-time as they are able. Understanding that most PHAs will be adjusting from a weekly submission frequency, CDC’s current recommendation is for daily submissions.

What is the process for jurisdictions to add conditions for an MMG they have already onboarded?

Public health jurisdictions who have onboarded for an NNDSS HL7 MMG and would like to onboard additional conditions for that MMG should follow this process:

  • Jurisdiction sends email to the CDC Electronic Data Exchange email inbox at with conditions to be onboarded.
  • CDC onboarding team updates a jurisdiction’s existing information to include the new conditions.
  • Jurisdiction transmits all existing cases of the new conditions for the current non-reconciled year(s).
  • CDC onboarding team sends an approval email to the jurisdiction.
  • Jurisdiction is onboarded and starts routine transmission.
Page last reviewed: December 13, 2019