Implementing All Other Conditions

Implementation - All Other Conditions

There are four phases that a jurisdiction moves through in the process to implement a finalized NNDSS HL7 case notification message:

  1. Pre-onboarding: Includes preparing internal resources, accessing SAMS and MVPS, requesting technical assistance if needed, mapping to the HL7 message, validating test messages, and testing transport.
  2. Onboarding: Includes confirming pre-onboarding work, participating in kickoff call, and correcting any test message issues.
  3. Cutover to Production: Includes conducting system check and sending year-to-date transmissions.
  4. Production: Includes turning off any legacy feeds and sending updates and new messages to MVPS.

Click the arrows below to learn more about  specific parts of the implementation process.

Arrow #1: Phase 1: Pre-Onboarding

Duration: about 4 weeks (jurisdiction-dependent)

Arrow #2: Phase 2: Onboarding

Duration: about 6-8 weeks

Arrow #3: Phase 3: Cutover to Production

Duration: about 2-5 days

Arrow #4: Phase 4: Production


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Page last reviewed: December 2, 2019