Message Validation, Processing, and Provisioning System

The Message Validation, Processing, and Provisioning System (MVPS) is software that supports the core functions of receiving, processing, and provisioning data for nationally notifiable diseases (NND) based on HL7 standards and new technology. MVPS validates and processes NND HL7 case notification messages sent by public health jurisdictions and provisions the data to CDC programs for their national surveillance efforts.

MVPS Features

The MVPS is a CDC-built and operated message validation, processing, and provisioning system. It validates and processes NND messages sent by jurisdictions, provides a data quality dashboard, and provisions NND data to CDC.

The MVPS technology includes

  • an integration engine that parses and transforms messages/files and performs vocabulary translations and data validations,
  • a business rule management system processing engine, and
  • a database management system that enables provisioning of HL7 and National Electronic Telecommunications System for Surveillance (NETSS)-formatted data for use by CDC programs.

MVPS Benefits

MVPS addresses a number of data processing and distribution challenges. It allows CDC to receive NND data from jurisdictions, process them, and provision them to CDC programs more efficiently and effectively than existing systems. Built as part of the NNDSS Modernization Initiative (NMI), MVPS also assists NMI’s effort to retire the NETSS file format.

MVPS provides several benefits to jurisdictions and CDC programs:

  • Reduces the number of systems processing data at CDC and enables streamlined message processing from jurisdictions to CDC.
  • Standardizes data processed at CDC.
  • Allows CDC programs to receive, process, store, access, share, and analyze health-related data, including electronic health record data, to further the agency’s public health goals.
  • Provides jurisdictions the opportunity to view the data they have submitted and identify data quality issues.

Access METS to validate case notification messages before they are sent to MVPS.

Page last reviewed: December 2, 2019