Adolescent Workers: Prevention of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses


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Why Are Young Workers More Susceptible?8

  • Physical, cognitive, and emotional developmental characteristics may make teens and adolescents more susceptible to risks for work-related injuries and illnesses.
  • Imbalance between equipment and physique can lead to equipment-related injuries, and working long hours causes fatigue and musculoskeletal overuse syndromes.
  • Lack of job knowledge, experience, skills, and the ability to identify hazardous equipment and workplace hazards.
  • Low reporting of occupational injuries and not seeking care for their injuries.
  • Risk-taking behavior may not comply with employer policy and safe work practices.
  • Workplace violence and bullying cause anxiety and stress and may go unrecognized.
  • Exposure to certain chemicals, noise, and extreme temperatures that could cause amplified or lasting damage
    • asthma causing agents, hearing loss

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